New Hot Spot in OC

Image: Alicia Carter

Are you tired of the same old, “Vanguard” coffee and dessert places? Do you want to expand your horizons but just don’t know where to start? You could take a casual stroll over  to Starbucks like every other typical Vanguardian, or you can expand your horizons and hop on the 55 North and take a 15 minute drive to the newest hot spot in Orange County, the Union Market.

Union Market at The District in the city of Tustin is a newly popular and up-and-coming area that includes a multitude of eating and drinking places that are very appealing to college-aged consumers.

Three of the top places located at Union Market are Portola Coffee Lab, The Dirty Cookie, and Crepe Coop.

Portola began in Irvine, and has now expanded to the city of Tustin. They create a “100% single-cup craft brew coffeehouse designed and constructed as a nod to craft, quality, and freshness.” This is a familiar coffee shop to most VU students, but the environment of the shopping center is something worth visiting!

The Dirty Cookie, on the other hand, is a new and truly unique experience and taste, unlike anything found in Costa Mesa. They have created “cookie shots” in which a cookie is shaped in a cylinder form with a hollow middle, leaving room for none other than good, ole’ milk (white, chocolate, or strawberry) to be poured right into the center. This new idea mixes milk and cookies in a way that has never been seen before, and is a must-try!

If you finish off  your super-fun, hipster coffee sesh at Portola and still have a sweet tooth Union Market also offers the Crepe Coop, a mouth-watering restaurant specializing in European Crepes. It is a great place to go if you’re still feeling a bit adventurous, and are on the hunt for something sweet (but a little bit more filling than The Dirty Cookie). Their crepes come in kiwi, blueberry, banana, peanut brittle, and much more, topped with whipped crème! These tasty desserts can satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have coffee and tea available. What else could you possibly need?

Union Market has also reported that new locations are opening soon, such as Churned Creamery and Front Porch (frozen) Pops.

If you find yourself getting tired of the same old coffee shop or late-night dessert routine, head to Union Market at The District in Tustin for a cold brew, milky cookie, or tea and crepes!


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