Seniors: Ten Things To Do Before You Graduate

commuter photo
Image: Whitney Eckis

With only a month left before the Seniors graduate and take on the “real world,” here are ten things every Senior should do before they leave Vanguard!

 1. Attend Shine and worship with your friends together one last time. There may never be a chance again to meet the presence of the Lord in such an amazing time of worship with other Vanguard peers again, so step into Shine or another Vanguard-sponsored worship and experience God with friends!

2. Take a selfie with “Scottie the Lion.” Scottie the Lion is one of the campuses main landmarks, situated right on the pathway near Needham Chapel and Heath Lawn. Many students look to him for good luck as they try to tackle finals and the other stresses that come with surviving college.

3. Visit Harbor House on a midnight cruise down Pacific Coast Highway. Harbor House is a 24-Hour diner that has served breakfast, lunch, and dinner to local residents in Dana Point and from all over Orange County. Harbor House is located off of the PCH.

4. Go to Downtown Disney to watch the fireworks. Not every Vanguard student has a pass even though it feels like that at times, yet anyone can acknowledge that magic that explodes in the sky every night over the Happiest Place on Earth.

5. Have coffee with your favorite professor. One of the greatest things about Vanguard as an academic institution are the relationships formed between students and faculty that are not always available at other Universities. Take your favorite professor out to coffee to pick their brain about the next phase of life, reflect on the past four years, and learn something from these amazing people outside of the classroom!

6. Attend the last Popular Demand show in Lyceum Theater on April 20th starting at 9:30PM! We have some funny people at Vanguard, you won’t want to miss this night of laughs.

7. Grab some acai bowls and take a look at the Newport sunset. It’s never too late to eat at Banzai Bowl. Never.

8. Splurge a little bit or a lot at Orange County’s famous malls: Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum, and South Coast Plaza. Orange County is home to the world’s most amazing malls. Bring a dog to Fashion Island’s animal friendly campus, or possibly run into a few celebrities at the high-class South Coast Plaza.

9. Have some late night Laventina’s pizza with some of your closest friends. You’ll be missing Laventina’s  Pizza, we’re sure of it. Go treat yourself to some great pizza with great friends. Laventina’s is located on Balboa Peninsula.

10. Finish Strong. You’re almost there! Work hard, study, and do well on your finals. There have been so many great memories shared over these last few years, continue to make more, as this phase of our lives comes to a close. Have some fun, reflect on the good times, and tell the people who have impacted you at Vanguard how much you appreciate them, before the cap flies in the sky.

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