Foreign Affairs
Ethnic Regions Across Europe Seek Independence

Following Scotland’s referendum on independence two weeks ago, Europe has been rocked by a wave of nationalist sentiment throughout culturally unique regions. Though there are several others throughout... Read more

Blood Moon Prophecy Recap

In case you missed it, the world was supposed to end last Sunday night. That’s right, the fabled fourth blood moon super eclipse happened. According to Pastor John Hagee, this event would herald the... Read more

Blog ‘Til You Drop

With society becoming more and more attached to the Internet, many people are taking up a new hobby: blogging.  The term “blog” was first coined in 1997 as “weblog,” when it was meant to combine... Read more

Fresh, Fast, Affordable: Burrissimo

There’s a new restaurant in the Vanguard community that has brought a fresh perspective on both Italian and Mexican foods: Burrissimo. One day owner John Parlet needed something fresh but fast while... Read more