Upside of Losing
Is Winning Really Everything?
In today’s society, everything is about winning. Winning is infectious and once you have a taste of it, and you will do whatever it takes to continue to be on top. However, not everybody can be a winner. We learn this lesson early on in life. When it comes to winning and losing, it’s all about how you react to it. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “losing is defined as resulting in or likely to result in defeat.” Lance […] 0 comments
How “The Wolf of Wall Street” could have been a great movie
The Wolf of Wall Street may be not be the movie we have all been excited for.
If you are considering watching “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you should do yourself a favor and read this article first. You just may save your self 3 hours of needless frustration. “The Wolf of Wall Street” has no clear message. It flaunts it’s edginess with a brutishly raw depiction of true events following wall street scammer Jordan Belfort. Accordingly, the film includes an outrageous amount of lavish parties, sex, drugs, alcohol, shouting contests and the use of the f-word […] 1 comment
We Regret To Inform You…
Rejection is never fun.
Spring semester at Vanguard brings on many changes. The sun reminds you that it never really left, you punch yourself in the face at yet another engagement notification on Facebook, and last, but not least, leadership positions are chosen. If you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior who applied, there are certain cycles you go through. You’ve been checking your email all week, you look at your phone constantly to be sure you have no missed calls or voicemails, and you […] 0 comments
Defining the Relationship: Dos and Don’ts
Relationships: nobody said it was easy.
The Laws of Attraction are simple: He likes you or he doesn’t. Listen up ladies, because this article is for you. There are a few rules to abide by in order to make your relationship successful… for now anyway. Beginning stages of the relationship are like a newly sprouting flower. If you over water it, or in this case don’t play hard enough to get, kiss that baby flower goodbye. Though the right amount of playing hard to get isn’t […] 0 comments
PreVU: for Better or Worse?
PreVU is a chance for prospective students to experience Vanguard's community first-hand.

“He’s not really feeling it” said a prospective student’s father to sophomore Michael Brower... Read more

Let’s Get Technical
Technology is a given, not a debate. -Sanne Bloemarts

In the world we live in today, technology is everywhere. Technology makes communication easier and work... Read more

New Era of Halloween
Its that spooky time of year again!

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins and scarecrows are being placed on doorsteps, grocery stores... Read more

The Evolution of Dating
A sketch showing differences in courtship throughout time.

Let me take you back to a simpler time…back when marriages were arranged and dating was courting. Instead... Read more

When Quitting Counts

No one likes the thought of quitting. Furthermore, no one wants to be chastised and labeled a “quitter.”... Read more

Mozambique: When God Is Tangible

Senior Korynn Whitaker’s first-hand account of a third-world stick-up. Read more