US and British Troops End Combat Missions in Afghanistan: Is This a Victory?
US and British troops end combat missions in Afghanistan.
On an October morning, a solemn gathering of British, American, and Afghan troops looked on as the British Union Flag was slowly lowered over Camp Bastion for the last time. After the ceremony, the troops stationed at the camp boarded transport aircraft and headed for home, marking the official end of UK and US military operations in Afghanistan. The day before, a similar ceremony took place at Camp Leatherneck, the United States Marine Corps base that adjoins the British compound. […] 0 comments
Ballin on a Budget
Surviving on your own in college has to be one of the toughest challenges for a student to encounter. For freshmen who are making the transition from high school and are still adjusting to being on their own and not having their parents telling them what to do, it is even more of a responsibility to keep their behavior under control. Students who are unemployed while in school are automatically put in a predicament to manage their money more wisely […] 0 comments
Studying Abroad
Make Your Dreams Abroad Happen
Studying aborad is an enriching experience.
Studying abroad is arguably the best thing one can do while in college. Unfortunately, due to the financial cost of going to another country, many students let their overseas dreams die. Financial difficulty should never be the reason for anyone to not to travel abroad because we live in an age where communication is practically infinite and instantaneous. This means that there is virtually an unlimited amount of outlets to go fund your dream. College provides a perfect window to […] 0 comments
Defining the Relationship: Dos and Don’ts
Relationships: nobody said it was easy.
The Laws of Attraction are simple: He likes you or he doesn’t. Listen up ladies, because this article is for you. There are a few rules to abide by in order to make your relationship successful… for now anyway. Beginning stages of the relationship are like a newly sprouting flower. If you over water it, or in this case don’t play hard enough to get, kiss that baby flower goodbye. Though the right amount of playing hard to get isn’t […] 0 comments
Incoming Freshman; We Got You Covered

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Highway 1 Road Trip Tips
Bixby Bridge on Highway 1

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PreVU: for Better or Worse?
PreVU is a chance for prospective students to experience Vanguard's community first-hand.

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Let’s Get Technical
Technology is a given, not a debate. -Sanne Bloemarts

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New Era of Halloween
Its that spooky time of year again!

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The Evolution of Dating
A sketch showing differences in courtship throughout time.

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Mozambique: When God Is Tangible

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