Church Bells in the Desert: a Homecoming
The Namib desert, Namibia.
One year ago today, I woke up in Namibia to the sound of church bells. I could not remember the last time I had heard such a sweet sound. It rang so clear and cheerfully above the still town of Swakopmund. Surrounding the town is the Namib desert, which means “vast place.” It is a land swept dry from south African winds, which have lost all their moisture and nutrients by the time they’ve reached Namibia’s west coast. The tan […] 2 comments
What Is Real?
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What is real? This is a mildly existential opinion piece, but I will ease you into it. Most of us grew up with the Internet. We remember the dial up tone, and only being allowed to use it during certain hours because of its exclusivity. We got our first phones that we could use for texting and calling, and if we were tech-savvy enough, we could create or own ringtones (mine was Toxic by Britney Spears, recorded straight from my […] 0 comments
Why I Gave up Social Media
It has been about a year and a half now, and the SnapChat world continues to live on without me. I have to admit, I have been tempted more than once to re-enter the society of SnapChat but here I am, sticking to my guns, and now I’m going to tell you guys why. I am stating the obvious, but just because this was true for me, does not mean it is true for you. You could have this incredible […] 0 comments
What is the Point? Looking at the Margins of Christian Living
Open hours, chapel requirements and alcohol have always been hot topics at Vanguard University, but sometimes these touchy topics are worth revisiting. Every now and then, it is important to reflect on the way things are and why we perceive them the way that we do. We must remind ourselves of why we stand for what we do or else our perception, especially towards controversial topics, becomes silently off-centered. As a senior with less than a week from graduation, I […] 0 comments