Talks on Alcohol sober audiences
Alcohol at VU
On Thursday evening Vanguard Resident’s Life hosted a panel on alcohol. I know, scandalous. However, it ended up being a sobering discussion on the in-and-outs of contract, and why Vanguard is very strict on remaining a “dry” campus. Listeners texted their questions anonymously throughout the event. Some questions were selected, read aloud and the members of the panel did their best to discuss the question. Though some students feel that a few questions weren’t answered satisfactorily, for the most part […] 1 comment
America's Celebrities charge the Oval Office
Kanye West is Running for President 2020
Rapper Kanye West gives a surprise speech at the VMA's
Kanye West, AKA “Yeezus”, is running for president in 2020. Take a minute to let that sink in if you have to. The newly crowned “video vanguard” chose to break the news to the world during his acceptance speech at the VMA’s  on Sunday night. Ironically enough, the award was presented to Kanye by none other than his old foe-turned-friend Taylor Swift. If you think back to the VMA’s six years ago, then you’ll remember Kanye infamously grabbing the mic […] 0 comments
Highway 1 Road Trip Tips
Bixby Bridge on Highway 1

Summer break is quickly approaching!! There are only two more weeks of papers and exams until our two... Read more